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All of Your Data in One Location

We know how much our customers benefit from having all of their giving data in the same location as their people database. That’s why we’ve made a tool that puts the power back into the hands of the Pastor – taking your Pushpay data and putting it into Planning Center with specific information on each congregant.

Making Your Meetings More Efficient.

Giving You Control of Your Data.

With Pushpay being such a valuable resource for a giving tool, and Pushpay being the primary tool for organizing people within churches, we want to help churches increase their ability to aggregate all of their data into one spot.

From donor profiles, to live giving data, our connection will have you set.

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Automated Transfer

Automate the migration of your data directly from Pushpay to PCO.

Save 15 Hours/Week for Your Admin

We recognize that migration of this data, without software, requires up to 15 hours a week for admins. Maybe more.

Better Data. Better Results.

By having all of your data in one location to be able to check at any time, from any device, we guarantee this connection point will help your church see better results from having more accesible data.

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